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Bangle boxes, those exquisite repositories of elegance, are more than mere containers; they are guardians of cherished adornments, vessels of tradition and a carrier of beauty.

Picture, if you will, a symphony of craftsmanship, where artistry meets functionality in a delicate dance of form and function.

As you lift the lid, a world of wonder unfolds before your eyes. Within, nestled are the bangles themselves, arrayed like jewels in a treasure trove. Each bangle tells its own story, its colors and patterns reflecting the traditions and cultures from whence it came.

The interior of the box is a sanctuary of organization, with compartments designed to cradle the bangles in loving embrace, protecting them from the passage of time. 


These bangle boxes make the perfect accompaniment to your celebrations.  Ideal for gifting, mehendi or wedding favours or simply a little treat for yourself.  


Dimensions: 5.75" (w) x 3.25" (d)

£4 each for 10 or more. Please contact us for bulk orders.

Bangle Boxes

SKU: BangleBox
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