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🪔 Embrace the magic of Diwali with our exquisite Brass Incense Stand and Incense Stick Gift Set! 🪔


Add a touch of modern tradition to your decor with a beautifully crafted and intricately engraved pure brass incense stand and gently fill your home with the gorgeous scents of Fragrances of India incense sticks from @UrbanUtsav.  A collection of Eco-friendly incense sticks.🌟

🌿 100% Organic

🪨 Charcoal free

🫶🏽Handmade with love

♻️ Made from recycled flowers from places of worship

🌸 Hand-dipped in natural essential oils

🧘‍♀️ Therapeutic and invigorating scents

💨 Non-pollutant smoke


This Diwali, gift yourself or your loved ones a touch of tradition and serenity. 🎁✨


What's Included: 

40 incense sticks in a box

1 Pure Brass Agarbatti Stand 

Diwali Incense Gift Set

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