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About the Lord Ganesh statue:

  • Crafted and hand painted in Maharashtra, India. 
  • Simple design with selected intricate detail.  Shows Lord Ganesh in skin tone, in a sitting pose, providing a blessing whilst holding bowl of sweets, known as "modak" in Hinduism. This represents the sweetness of achieving one's goals after overcoming obstacles.


The meaning:

  • Gifting a Ganesh can be a meaningful and multifaceted gesture that can convey good wishes, spiritual values, cultural appreciation, and personal connection.
  • Ideal as part of collection in an indoor temple or stand alone in small rooms and flats.


About Lord Ganesh:

Lord Ganesh is invoked at the beginning of any new venture or undertaking as a way to remove any obstacles or hindrances to success.




Material: Manmade fibre


Small: 4.5" height x 4" width x 2.5" depth

Medium: 5.5" height x 4.75" width x 3.5" depth

Large: 6.5" height x 5.5" width x 3.5" depth

Ganesh Statue in Skin Tone

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