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About the Ivory Ganesh statue:

  • Crafted in Maharashtra, India. 
  • Simple design with selected intricate detail.  Shows Lord Ganesh in a sitting pose, providing a blessing whilst holding bowl of sweets, known as "modak" in Hinduism. This represents the sweetness of achieving one's goals after overcoming obstacles.
  • Ideal as a stand alone signature piece in a simple setting.


The meaning:

  • In some representations of Lord Ganesh, he is depicted as white in colour.  The colour white is associated with purity and peace in Hinduism, and is often used to depict gods and goddesses who embody these qualities. White is also associated with the moon, which is an important symbol in Hinduism and is associated with Lord Shiva, one of the major gods in the Hindu pantheon.


About Lord Ganesh:

  • In Hinduism, Lord Ganesh is depicted with a human body and an elephant head, and is revered as the remover of obstacles and the lord of new beginnings.



Material: Manmade fibre

Dimensions: 8.25" height x 6" width x 3" depth


Ivory Ganesh Statue

£165.00 Regular Price
£66.00Sale Price
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