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About the Lord Ganesha statue:

•    Crafted and hand painted in Maharashtra, India. 

•    Simple design with selected intricate detail.  Shows Lord Ganesha in a sitting pose, providing a blessing whilst holding bowl of sweets, known as "modak" in Hinduism. This represents the sweetness of achieving one's goals after overcoming obstacles.


The Meaning

•    Lord of the People. The word Ganesha is derived from the Sanskrit word gana, which means common people, while isha translates as Lord. The word Ganesha means "Lord of the People". He guides worshipers in their protection, blessings, good luck, and the triumph over adversity and obstacles.


Ideal setting

•    Perfect as a stand alone centrepiece. Having Ganesha as a centerpiece can serve both spiritual and aesthetic purposes, enriching the ambiance of the environment and conveying meaningful symbolism.


About Lord Ganesh

•    Ganesha is one of the most beloved deities in Hinduism, and he is revered as the remover of obstacles and the god of wisdom, knowledge, and new beginnings.



Material: Manmade fibre

Dimensions: 35" height x 18.75" width x 12" depth

Lord Ganesha Statue

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