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With Raksha Bandhan on Wednesday 30th August 2023, why not plan ahead and send out our Raksha Bandhan Gift Set comprising of Deviya Delights Artisan Belgian Chocolate Mendiants.


Select a rakhi of your choice from our extensive range and add a personal message (in the notes section at checkout) which we will add.  Order early and let us know which date you would like the delivery to be made.


Note: For multiple addresses, you will need to do each one seperately.  


Additional rakhis available here


Gift Set contains:

1 Gift Box

10 x Artisan Belgian Chocolate Mendiants

1 x Rakhi

1 x RakshaBandhan Card (for message)


The Artisan Chocolate Mendiant Flavours:


With Nuts and Seeds:

Ruby Chocolate with Raspberry and Pumpkin Seeds chocolate mendiants

White chocolate with Mango, rose and walnut chocolate mendiants

Dark chocolate with Raspberry chocolate mendiants


Without Nuts and Seeds:

Dark chocolate with raspberry chocolate mendiants

White chocolate with rose chocolate mendiants

Ruby chocolate with raspberry chocolate mendiants


Here's a little about Meera, the Founder of Deviya Delights:

Welcome to Deviya Delights. My name is Meera and I am the proud founder of Deviya Delights, named after my twin daughters, Devika and Diya. I have always been passionate about creating artisan delectable chocolates that tantalise the taste buds and bring joy to people's lives. I believe that chocolate is more than just a confection. It's an experience that can transport you to a realm of pure bliss. With this philosophy in mind, I craft the finest Belgian chocolates using the highest quality ingredients. I am constantly experimenting with unique flavours and combinations, blending traditional recipes with a touch of modern flair. I cater for numerous occasions including weddings, birthdays, special occasions, baby showers etc.


Raksha Bandhan Gift Set

SKU: RKGiftSet
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