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About the Mithai Boxes:

  • perfect accompaniment to your celebrations.
  • ideal to hold mithai (sweets) or chocolates
  • beautiful contemporary design
  • pre-assembled for ease of use
  • 5 compartments (removal)


Meaning behind gifting:

  • We gift presents for various reasons, such as to show appreciation, express love, celebrate special occasions, and strengthen relationships. Gifting presents is a way to express our emotions and convey our sentiments to others.
  • Gift-giving has been a part of human culture for thousands of years and is deeply ingrained in societies. Gifting can also be seen as a way to show respect and honor, and it is often expected as a part of social interactions and relationships.


About Mithai Boxes:

  • Mithai boxes are a type of container used to store and transport sweets in South Asian countries. Mithai, also known as sweets, are an integral part of the culture and are often gifted on special occasions and festivals.
  • During festivals and celebrations such as Diwali, Eid, and weddings, mithai boxes are exchanged as gifts between family members, friends, and colleagues. They are also commonly given as a gesture of appreciation and thanks to guests at special events and functions.


Dimension: 8" (l) x 2" (w) x 1.4" (d)

Dimension of 1 copartment: 1.5" (l) x 1.5" (w) x 1.4" (d)


Please contact us for bulk orders.


Mithai/Gift Boxes

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